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Finding Grace

Apr 12, 2019

On this episode of finding grace today I’m joined by my beautiful friend  Gail Love-Schock who is a coach, mentor and speaker, a celebrant and interfaith minister in training , she also meditation expert and guides people to reclaim their voice. Gail and I met a few years back online and we’ve been connected ever since. 

On this episode we delve into what Finding grace means to Gail right now in her life and where her journey is taking her and how she’s embracing this with grace. 

We chat about her new path as interfaith minister and how she’s found her calling. 

We discuss reclaiming your voice and how to approach in a way that works for you, and what she does when she’s faced with a difficult situation, and how she’s applies grace to this. 

She introduces us to Corrie, and how you apply this to your life. 

We delve into how she embraces rhythms and cycles, she brings all her tools and guidance to the table. 

This is an episode filled with grace we hope you enjoy. 

Do reach out to either of us if you have any questions. 

If you want to work with Gail you can find her on instagram @gail_loveschock The link in her bio takes you to all the things she is up to and what she’s sharing. 

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