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Finding Grace

Feb 27, 2019

In this episode of finding grace I am joined by the lovely will Foster, who is a life coach with over ten years experience, author of a book called 'Filling The Happiness Gap', and a speaker. Will has been featured on Loraine and BBC radio. He lives in devon with his wife and two children and is surfing obessed. Will and I know each other through a mutual friend. 

Will is all about bringing calm, happiness and balance back into our lives.

In this episode we cover what finding grace means to Will, how rather than glossing things over it's about really feeling things, slowing down and working from that space, to get some calm.

We delve into what happiness and gratitude mean to Will, and how he applies this in his life. Will shares stories that are relatable from his life and I love his honesty.

We share our love of meditiation and how to find grace with this in your life, and his guidance on how to get started with this. 

We discuss his book, Filling the happiness gap and how he's grown since writing it and about the next book his working on. 

Will brings his wisdom and guidance to the table, I hope you enjoy this episode I know I did, and I love the fact there was lots of laughter. 

You can find will on facebook in his private group which is free to join "wills wellness warriors" which I personally think is a great engaging space, his website is and his facebook page is 'will foster coaching'.

You can find me on instagram @hannah_wallace11 twitter @hannahwallace_

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