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Finding Grace

Dec 5, 2018

In this epsiode of Finding Grace, I’m so happy to be joined by my wonderful friend Fab Giovanetti, Fab is the founder of health bloggers community, whole influence and health bloggers summit, she is a speaker and mentor and most excitingly has just written a book called make an impact which is hitting the shelves December 10 th and its great read!

We explore being a solo entrepreneur, how the industry she's in is changing and where its heading and how she finds grace with it all.

We cover wellebing and mental health and all about her brand new book 'Make an impact'. Which you can now pre order on amazon,barnes and noble and in waterstones.

This is a jam packed epsiode and I'm happy to be able to share my friends wisdom. 

Fab and I have known each other a number of years after being brought together by a mutual friend and we ve been laughing and supporting each other ever since. 

You can find Fab on instrgram @fabgiovanetti @hbloggerscom @wholeinfluence and and healthbloggerscom facebook page. Do reach out to her or myself with any questions. 

You can find me on and @hannah_wallace11 on instrgram and twitter @hannahwallace_

Hope you enjoy this episode, please subrcribe and review if you want to hear more, I have some great ones coming up and I intend you find grace in your week ahead.