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Finding Grace

Dec 22, 2018

In this Episode of finding grace today I’m joined by the lovely George Lizos who is a spiritual teacher and intuitive, author of a book called 'Be the Guru', he runs a successful light worker group on facebook and has a podcast 'Lit up lightworker'.

In this episode George and I discuss finding grace when your on a spiritual path and what this means to him and what I love with george his really open. 

We discuss how coming out the gay closet co-insided with coming out the spiritual closet. Tools and techniques that George uses to help people empower themselves. 

We delve into his book he wrote to inspire people on this journey. His transiton from leaving his job in the uk to go full time with the work he really wanted to and moving back to his homeland, and how he went about this. And so much more, its spiritual 101. 

George and I have known each other a number of years, after meeting at HayHouse events and have been friends ever since.

 He works with people one to one doing mentoring, past life regression and regularly runs webinars on relevent topics he currently talking about.

Oh and the phone rings twice in this episode, its not been fully removed as we carried on talking through it and its real life. 

You can find George on Instagram @georgelizos, and his group on facebook 'your spirtual toolkit' which is free to join and his website is

You can find me at and on instagram @hannah_wallace11 and twitter @hannahwallace_

Hope you enjoy this episode, please subscribe and review if you want to hear more, I have some great guests coming up. I intend you find grace in your week ahead.