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Finding Grace

Dec 29, 2018

In this episode of 'Finding Grace' I am joined by the delightful katie Brockhurst who is a speaker, mentor, podcaster and award winning author of the book 'Social media for a new age' which I thorougly recommend. Katie is a consultant helping people/companys with their social media and marketing to find a way that it works for them to get the best out of it, and help them grow and thrive. She has been doing doing this for a number of years and is passionate about her work.    

We talk finding grace and social media, how to align these two words together, as many of us don't think of grace and social media together. 

We unravel social media and the pressure that comes with it, and her own personal journey of finding grace and social media and how she uses this in her work to help people manage their social media.

How to deal with the overwhelm people often find with social media and her top feel good tips. 

We discuss her brilliant book, and the process she undertook to write this, and is jam packed with all of Katie's work and is almost like a mini course in getting on top of social media and getting it to work in a way that feels good to you. 

We hope you enjoy this epsiode such an interesting topic that affects so many of us in different ways and is a big part of our lives. Do get in touch with either of us if you have any questions. 

You can find katie on Instrgram @katiekdot_socialmedia and she has a private facebook group which is free to join and its called 'Social media for a new age'. Do get in touch with katie if you want to work with her. 

You can find me at or on instrgram @hannah_wallace11 or twitter @hannahwallace_.

Thank you so much for listening, if enjoyed this episode please share, subcribe and review, I can't wait to share more with you.