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Finding Grace

Aug 8, 2019

In this episode of finding grace today I’m joined by Kitty Waters, who is  a Transformational Teacher and Serial Entrepreneur.

Her mission is to change the way humanity sees and views following your bliss, ultimately delegating what you don't find blissful to those that do. She is very much in the purpose conversation inspiring people to look inside and discover their souls calling.

 She is the co-creator of The Network for Transformational Leaders, a non-profit and peer group for people doing Transformation work.

Kitty’s life has gone full circle after having a nervous breakdown

 in her twenties, suffering from depression, drug and alcohol abuse.... This dissatisfaction and disconnection from life lead her down the personal development route.

Kitty launched Kitty Talks in the spring of 2017. Her coaching and the Kitty Talks Podcast de- mystifies Dharma for people and makes it clear and understandable. By sharing real life people’s stories and how they’re following their bliss in their own lives.... Kitty Talks mission is ‘to inspire a generation of change-makers to follow their passion and purpose and make a difference on the planet.’

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. 

Kitty and I got connected through mutual friends, and we recently spoke at our friends retreat which was a wonderful day.

In this episode Kitty shares what finding grace means to her and her life. 

She takes us on the journey of her story which is one of grace, and honestly, she shares openly about her depression, drug and alcohol abuse and what was the key to turning this around. 

We learn all about what Dharma is and why it’s important to her to share this with the world. 

We talk purpose, and finding your purpose and why people are often left conflicted and disconnected in the world we live in today. She shares her take on this and how we navigate this with grace.

She shares how she helps navigate people move through their blocks and resistance. 

We discuss her podcast, why she was called to created this. Kitty shares all her wisdom with grace and this is a wonderful episode to get you thinking about your dharma, and purpose. 

I hope you enjoy it and do reach out to either of us if you would like to continue this conversation. 

You can find kitty at

Her podcast is Kittytalks you can find on Itunes and other platforms. 

On Instagram is @kittytalks and twitter @kittywaters. 

She also has a private facebook group kittytalks. 

You can reach out to kitty for all her coaching services. 

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