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Finding Grace

Sep 11, 2019

In this episode of finding grace, I am joined by the lovely Jessica Taylor Bearman. 

Jessica is an author of  ‘A girl behind dark glasses’, a painter and runs a charity called ‘Share a star’. Jessica has also been featured in the film “unrest” on Netflix by Jen Brea. 

Jessica has lived with the devastating affects ME and chronic ill for 13 years, much of which she was bed bound unable to stand care for herself and has been tube fed. Jessica is a true inspiration because what ever battle she has faced she has done so with grace and although she is doing better than she was she lives with the effects of her conditions, but with a determination to always go further with gaining more of her life back. 

Jessica lives with her husband Samuel and right now is expecting her baby which is wonderful considering this was something she never expected to happen. 

-In this episode we delve into what ‘finding grace’ means to Jessica, she shares her story how you ended up years trapped in one room and how she found grace and light during this time. 

-She’s shares how to cope with change and do so with grace, and how she’s always been open sharing the challenges as well as the wins, she’s overcome and why this is important.

-We talk about the charity she has ran from her bed and the book she wrote “girl behind the dark glasses” and what led her to write this. 

-We discuss her miracle pregnancy and the challenges she’s faced and how she’s looking forward to the future. 

-Jessica shares her wisdom and story with such grace I hope you enjoy this episode and come away feeling inspired. 

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You can find Jessica at 

instagram @jayletay 

Facebook page ‘the world of one room’ 

Her charity is “share a star” this is the name of the facebook page too.

Since recording Jessica has since had her baby girl Felicity Grace, so do check out her journey on social media. 

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