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Finding Grace

Sep 24, 2019

In this episode of Finding Grace I am joined by the magical Lisa lister author of three amazing best selling books which I thoroughly recommend 'Code red', 'Love your lady landscape' and 'Witch'. 

Lisa supports women, their voices and their experience by sharing rhythmic intel and cyclic tools to help navigate these exciting times. 

She’s also the creator of the amazing sassy she oracle deck, and creates ‘she art’. 

She brings you back to yourself and helps you activate your she power. 

Lisa and I met through a mutual friend and I love Lisa’s work plus we both love a good old skool boy band, and I know personally through learning to reconnect to my menstrual cycle it has helped me immensely. 

Even if you’re a guy listening to this please take time to tune in because you can help your partner if you get an understanding of this topic. 

-Lisa shares what Finding Grace means to her, and how she’s not afraid to share her truths even for the difficult conversations. 

-She shares her story what led her to the work she does today.

-We talk periods, and the importance of reconnecting with them, and removing the negativity around them, and working with them through tracking your cycle and learning to listen to your body. 

-We delve into “she power” a term Lisa loves to use and what the energy is behind it. 

-We talk about the books she’s written and what led her to write them and why it was important for her to write them and share all this information, and how they were soul led books she was called to write. 

This is a raw and real episode, that I loved being able to record, I hope everyone enjoys and finds all Lisa words of wisdom valuable. 

I would love to continue this conversation, and hear your stories surrounding this topic. 

You can find Lisa at:

Instagram @sassylislister

She all runs a Pateron account “She power collective” where she shares her wisdom and various offerings, you can find this through the link in her instagram bio or pateron account directly. 

You can get lisa's books on amazon or in all major book stores. 

You can find me at: 

Twitter @hannahwallace_

Instagram @hannah_wallace11 

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