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Finding Grace

Oct 13, 2019

In this episode of “Finding Grace”  I am joined by India Majury who is a holistic wellbeing practitioner, a Kinesiologist, speaker, a spiritual and motivational coach.

India and I were introduced by my gorgeous friend Amy Rushworth who was a previous podcast guest on here. 

I was inspired by India’s story to create change in your life and look forward to sharing it with you on here. 


  • We talk about what finding grace means to India and she shares all about the journey that she has been, and we discuss not fitting in and why this lead her to where she is today. 
  • She shares advice on what to do if you’re feeling stuck and how she finds helps people find grace with this. 
  • We discuss taking a more holistic approach to healing in a world where we often just treat the symptoms, and why this is important, and also the importance of women regaining their voice to feel confident and empowered about their health. 
  • She shares how she shifts herself when she feels stuck and what she does to keep grounded and happy in her life. 
  • This is a great episode filled with grace and India leaves is with her parting wisdom that getting quiet, is what she suggests as a go to for people. 

I hope you enjoyed this conversation we would love to continue it. 

You can find India:

  • Instagram @theenergycoach
  • Facebook ‘IM health & wellbeing’
  • India has recently launched a membership called the ‘soul subscription’

You can find me :

  • Instagram @hannah_wallace11
  • Twitter @hannahwallace_
  • Face book Page Hannah Wallace @iamhannahwallace

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