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Finding Grace

Jun 17, 2019

In this episode of finding grace I am joined by the divine Meggan Watterson, who is the author of three books Reveal, The Sutras of unspeakable joy, and How to love yourself (and sometimes other people), all of which I have enjoyed and soon to be the fourth book ‘Mary Magdalene revealed’, she has also created a wonderful oracle deck 'The divine feminine oracle' with hay house. She is a meditation teacher, feminist and theologian. She lives in America with her son.

I found Meggan’s work some years back and had the pleasure of meeting Meggan over here at one of her sacred circle workshops, I love Meggan’s work and everything she is about, and love that she will continue on the journey and path she is on to reveal her truth and connection always. This episode was a pleasure to record and I was left feeling all the feels after we recorded. 

In this episode Meggan shares what finding grace means to her, she shares about the path of devotion she has been on and the pilgrimage she has taken,  and what is it to walk this path, which can often be one you have to take alone. What it is to be a religious scholar and a women.

We discuss the divine feminine, and how we can align with this in our life and what it really means. 

She shares all about her oracle deck, in which she brought to life the stories of women who have walked this divine feminine path and have been suppressed throughout history.

We delve into her book reveal and what it is to share your soul story. 

She shares all about her new book, ‘Mary magdalene revealed’ and what led her to write this book, and why she feels she’s been preparing for it her whole life, and why it was important to write this book. 

This was a magical episode of grace and devotion, one that enriched me to be able to share this sacred conversation with Meggan. I hope you enjoy it, and would love to continue this conversation. 

You can find Meggan at instagram @megganwatterson and facebook ‘Meggan Watterson’. Her books are available from amazon and all good book stores, her latest is available for pre-order.  

You can find me at , instagram @hannah_wallace11 and twitter @hannahwallace_ 

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